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Achieving better education for teachers, family counselors, and family science pioneers in the Saudi community.


Expanding and diversifying the programs offered by the department in order to produce qualified individuals in the fields of family science, which reflects on young Saudi women and contributes to enabling them to raise the future generations on scientific basis derived from the ideals of Islam. .

The department goals :

Based on the general objectives of the university, which aim at achieving comprehensive quality, and based on the general objectives of Saudi society in terms of human development and implementing the ideals of Islam, the objectives of the Department of Family Science are:Family Science Department aims to:
- Qualifying students to work in the field of general education in a way that enables them to efficiently perform their duties as teachers of family science courses and life skills through theoretical and practical training.
- Training students to integrate the concepts of modern day issues in Saudi society into the curricula of family science, health education, and women's studies in all stages of general education, and effectively participating with the family in forming habits and tendencies regarding the conduct and ethics of the Muslim family.
- Providing students with the opportunity to undergo field training at schools and apply what they have studied at the university, such as methodas, lesson plans, and modern technological methods.
- Preparing Saudi women for performing the duties of a Muslim woman as a wife, mother, and educator, making her the family resource manager.
- Providing counseling and family, educational, and professional services to students, educational institutions, and technical schools, and participating in in-service teacher training
- Performing research and educational studies in the different fields of family science..
- Preparing students to enroll in graduate studies so they can continue their studies to attain their doctoral degrees, hence qualifying Saudi faculty to teach at the department.

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